Slaidburn and Bowland Wills, Administrations & Inventories

Index to Documents contained in Volume 1

Wills etc in chronological order


Brian Parker, balyf of Bowland, 1531

Elizabeth Parker late wyfe of Brian Parker, 1538

Admon of Elizabeth Farrand, p. Mitton, dau. of Brian Parker of Bolland, 1538

Oliver Marton, 1541

John Brennande of the parish of Slaidburn, 1548

Steven Harison, 1546

Margaret Knolles, widow, 1546

James Lee, 1547

Richard Tempest of Catlowe p. Shladburne, gentleman, 1552

Christopher Brennand 1554

John Heslet, 1554

Isabel Hide, 1555

Thomas Place, 1558

Oliver Marten, 1561

Sir James Clowighe, priest, of Slaydburne, 1561

Roger Feasor of Waddington, 1561

Thomas Parker of Bradforth, 1561

James Parker, 1566

Robert Parker of Stephen Park, 1567

John Parker of Stephen Park, 1567

Robert Holden of Greenfold, 1567

Katheren Holden, widow, 1568

Robert Brenand of Simfield, 1571

Robert Parker of Dunsop, 1573

Alice Parker, widow, 1573

Margaret Parker, widow, 1573

Robert Thormber of the parish of Mitton, 1575

Rauf Thorneber, 1574

Christopher King, 1574

George Holden, 1575

Henry Holden, priest, of Waddington 1576

Margaret Harrison, widow, 1576

Giles Parker of Waddington, priest, 1578

Robert Parker of Aughton, p. Mitton, 1578

Nicholas Parker of Slanemourrowe, p. Slaidburn, 1578

Christopher Turner, Newton in Bollande, 1578

Edward Holden of Lower Hesberha, 1581

Hugh Brennand of the parish of Slaidburn, 1583

John Parker of Fowlescales, 1588

Giles Parker of Easington, 1596

John B[r]eanand of Simfield, 1598

Lawrence Holden of White Hill, parish of Slaidburn, 1600

Nicholas Turner, Whitall Ryddinge in Bolland, 1600

Admon of Robert Parker of Brokesholme, 1603

Sibbell Brenand of Slaidburn Woodhouse, 1607

Giles Parker of Slaidburne Woodhouse, 1607

Thomas Parker of Drakehouse in Bradfurthe, husbandman, 1607

John Clence of Sladeburne, 1607

Roger Parker of Bolton nigh Bolland, yeoman, 1610

Giles Thornebarre of Bashall, husbandman, 1612

Grace Parker, daughter of George Parker of Storthe in Bolland, husbandman, 1608

Anne Brenand of the Heyninge, Newton, 1615

Edward Holden of Hasgill, husbandman, 1617

Robert Brenand of Slaidburne, 1619

Administration of James Parker of Brockthorn, Feb 1618/19

Administration of John Parker of Slaidburn, Apr 1619

Robert Parker alias Rangill of Newton in Bolland, 1628

William Battersbie, Slaidburn, 1632

Administration of James Parker of Highfield, 1631

Thomas Brennand of Slaidburn, 1632

Ultrid Parker of Foulscales, p. Slaidburn, 1636

John Parkinson the Younger of Brenand 1639

John Parkinson the Elder of Brenand 1638

John Witton of Pain Hill, 1639

Abraham Stout of Brigghouse in Bolland, 1640

Robert Brennand of Highfield, 1641

Nicholas Winder of Biconshay in Bolland, yeoman, 1641

Administration of Giles Parker of West Bradford, yeoman, 1645

Margery Hairst of Newton, 1645

John Spencer, yeoman, of Steven Park, Slaidburn, 1646

Giles Thornbor of Waddington Eaves, blacksmith, 1648

Nicholas Thorneber of West Bradford, 1650

Christopher Briggs of Steven Park, Slaidburn 1651 (PCC)

Robert Parker of Lees within Bolland, yeoman, 1661

Richard Parker of Slaidburne Woodhouse, yeoman, 1662

William King the elder of Whiteholme in Bolland, yeoman, 1664

Ralph Faber of Heyninge in Bolland, yeoman, 1676

William Clayton of Collinholme, p. Slaidburne, husbandman, 1674

Thomas Hide of Slaidburn Townehead in Bolland, bachelor, 1676

William Guy of Halstead, p. Slaidburn, gent., 1679

Adam Hatkill of Hollings, p. Slaidburn, yeoman, 1682

Ann Holden of Grindleton, 1687

James Rudd of Slaidburn, 1688

Edward Turner of Brungill More, 1688

Ralph Clarke of Woodhouse, 1692

Roger Salisbury of Shay House in Bolland, 1693

John Walbancke of Newton in Bolland, 1692

Thomas Foster of Slaidburn, gentleman, 1692/93

Ralph Prockter of Slaidburne Woodhouse, 1697

Thomas Jollie of Wymondhouses, 1698

Thomas Clarke of Newton, 1698

Nicholas Slinger of Dunnow, 1699

John Battersby of Matterhill in Bolland 1700

John Cockeram of Slaidburn, 1703

Ralph Clarke of Newton, 1703

Admon. of William Stokoe of Painhill, Slaidburn, 1705

Adam Simonds, 1705

Richard Parsons of Woodhouse Lane, Slaidburn, 1707

William Dixson, 1708

William Parkinson of Sikes, 1711

Ellen Prockter of Woodhouse, 1714

Christopher Sclater of Fowlescales, 1714

Robert Parker of Carlton, County York, gentlemen, 1716

William Clarke of Slaidburn, 1716

Richard Bannister of Newhouse 1717

John Bullock of Slaidburn, yeoman, 1719

Ralph Rawsthorne of Newton, yeoman, 1719

Stephen Emley of Newton, 1719

James Brockden of Cocklayke House, p. Slaidburn, 1719

Roger Parker of Harden 1719/20

Henry Brockden of Cocklaicke House 1720

Leonard Battersbie of Slaidburn Woodhouse, husbandman, 1725

Jonathan Brabbin of Easington 1728

Elizabeth Rawsthorn of Newton, spinster, 1729

Robert Parker of Radholme Laund, 1733

Leonard Leigh of Lancaster, gentleman, 1735

William Clark of Newton, yeoman, 1736

Ultrid Hodgkinson of Boasden, gentleman,1738

James Hill of Newton, linen weaver, 1738

Ralph Clark of Agden, yeoman, 1745

James Leigh of Leeds, merchant, 1752

Benjamin Leigh of Aldcliffe, gentleman, 1753

John Bannister of Hasgil, gentleman, 1757

Leonard Wilkinson of Swinshey, Dalehead, gentleman, 1771

Bridget Wilkinson of Dale Head, 1776

Duke Bannister of Slaidburn, gentleman, 1838