Slaidburn Deeds DDX 2480

I purchased a very large collection of old Slaidburn deeds and documents in 2005 and have gradually been cataloguing them and then depositing them in the Lancashire Archives, Bow Lane, Preston, under catalogue reference:

'Chris Spencer Collection' DDX 2480

This large collection contains bundles of deeds relating to the following properties/farms in Slaidburn parish:

  • Slaidburn Mill
  • Black Bull Inn
  • Cottages in Chapel St
  • Cottages in Church St
  • Merrybent Copies
  • Bleazard's in Easington
  • Bait Hall, Slaidburn (now known as Horn's)
  • Black House farm
  • Brennand's School
  • Knot Gate
  • Langshaws farm
  • Oddie's tenement (Duckmire)
  • Painhill
  • Robinson's farm in Easington
  • Wittons (Beck Side)
  • Houghton Closes (West Bradford)
  • Town Head

... and there is still a large amount of other material awaiting cataloguing.