Professional Research for Genealogy, Family and Local History

I may be able to help you with the following types of research work:
  • Family history / genealogy of Slaidburn and Bowland families, and also across a wider Lancashire - Yorkshire area
  • History of a specific farm or property
  • Palaeography
  • Transcription of Tudor English (deeds, wills, fines, etc)
  • Translation of Latin (deeds, fines, court rolls, etc)

I charge £14.50 per hour, with a minimum charge of £29 for any work (2 hours).

Please e-mail me ( with brief details of your requirements and I will normally be able to reply within 24 hours.


Some recent research projects since 2007 have included:

  • investigating the history of Brockthorn farm from Tudor times
  • genealogy of the Bateson family of Batesons (Browsholme Heights)
  • researching the history of Bowland and its manors, chief stewards and bowbearers
  • genealogy of the Walker, Shaw and Battersby families of Slaidburn & Bolton by Bowland
  • researching the history of Raw Moor north of Slaidburn, especially Merrybent Hill farm